30 Day Strength and Grace Challenge

Hey all you ladies!

Have you ever seen someone who is truly graceful? I’ve seen a few women who define the term but not many and none in person. These women seem to be ageless. Every expression, every step, every movement is filled with grace. They carry themselves with poise, elegance, and strength.

Perhaps some people are naturally graceful, but I am convinced that this level of gracefulness is learned and the foundation of it is good posture. I’ve been focusing on improving my posture ever since I saw a picture of me from last Mother’s Day. My twin daughters were 8 months old and I had lost all the baby weight, but, in my opinion, I had some work to do. I was beaming on the inside but I felt that the way I slouched took away from that. Why wasn’t I reflecting my joy and confidence?

So I began to consciously sit with my back straight and my shoulders back. I wouldn’t throw my weight in one hip or the other while I stood. I practiced yoga poses that would strengthen my core and help correct my bad habits. A year later, I still wouldn’t consider myself to be truly graceful but I have definitely improved.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner again, I propose that we celebrate a little different this year. Let’s celebrate with confidence by carrying ourselves with strength and grace. Every day from April 9 to Mother’s Day (May 8), I will be posting a challenge on Instagram to help you improve your posture. Please join in!

30 Day Strength and Grace Challenge #fitgrape

To participate in the 30 Day Strength and Grace Challenge either:

  • Download the 30 Day Strength and Grace Challenge calendar linked below, or
  • Follow Fitness Grapevine on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

Here are links to each pose that will be included. If you’re not already familiar with them, check them out so you’ll be ready to start the challenge on Day 1.

Good luck, and remember, things are often more enjoyable when experienced with others. So join in the fun and post your experience using #fitgrape or #fitgrape30days so I can find you. If you have any questions about the poses or are interested in working with me one-on-one, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.


FitTip: Good posture can help relieve back pain, help you lose weight, help you breathe better, increase your core strength, and help you look good and feel confident. Yoga is an excellent way to improve your posture and help you be powerful but graceful in every movement.


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