Improve your posture in just 30 days

Posture is a funny thing. It’s something almost all of us ignore yet is so important to our overall health and fitness. Join the 30 Day Strength and Grace Challenge that starts Saturday, April 9, and make this next month all about improving your posture.

What will good posture do for you? It will help you:

  1. Avoid back and neck pain
  2. Prevent muscle aches and fatigue
  3. Reduce abnormal wear and tear on your joints
  4. Protect spinal joints from injury
  5. Breathe more deeply (yay for oxygen!)
  6. Add inches to your height and take inches off your waist

When you consistently hunch over, your spine may actually become permanently fixed in that position. This puts unnecessary stress on your spine and can create spinal disk problems. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Not to mention, when you sit and stand with good posture, you look better and feel better.

Is having good posture important? Yes.

Is it easy? It can be.

Strengthening your core and lengthening your muscles so you hold yourself erect is all it really takes. But it takesĀ constant practice. Most of the time, you are not conscious of your posture, so you need to become conscious of it.

Join Fitness Grapevine in the 30 Day Strength and Grace Challenge and take action to improve your posture. Every day we will post the challenge on Instagram and Facebook. To participate:

  • Download the 30 Day Strength and Grace Challenge calendar linked below, or
  • Follow Fitness Grapevine on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

And remember to post your experience using #fitgrape or #fitgrape30days so I can find you.

I can’t wait!





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