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Last Week’s Highlights

I feel like a month has passed since I posted last week’s highlights. I don’t really know why, but this week felt long and a bit exhausting. As I type this, Eve and Vera are both cuddled up on the couch, almost asleep, after fighting a weekend of sickness. I’m not sure how this bug, or whatever it is, got into our house (how do they ever!?), but I can’t wait for it to be gone.

My sister, Cassie, and I at a baby shower. This sweater is kind to me. Can you see the baby bump? 29 weeks and counting!
My sister, Cassie, and I. This sweater is kind to me. Can you see the baby bump?  29 weeks!

On a happier note, I signed up for the Flower City 5K this week. It’s the same day and place as Mark’s half marathon so we’ll be able to go together. I’m hoping they’ll let me push a stroller so I can take the baby with me but I’m still waiting to hear back on that. The race is at the end of April, so I’ll have about three months from the time this little baby born to race day. I don’t expect a whole lot out of myself performance wise, but it sure feels good to have a goal and something to strive for that makes me feel like me.

I had one successful attempt at getting Eve and Vera to sleep in their big bed. Two days Eve ended up down on the couch after she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Today they successfully fell asleep in the big bed but woke up a hot mess shortly after. That’s why they’re on the couch now. They’re near me and they’re relaxed, which is making everyone happy at the moment.

Eve and Vera sleeping in their big bed!

We half followed my meal plan for the week. That’s life, isn’t it? All in all, I consider the week another success. I started tracking all the food I eat using MyFitnessPal. I’ll share more about why in a future post, but so far I’m a big fan.

Here’s how we made it work.









Yoga and kettlebells

3 mile jog outside

Yoga and kettlebells

2.5 mile jog outside

Yoga and kettlebells



I had another week of good workouts, sticking to my prescribed schedule. I felt really good this week and was able to jog on both Tuesday and Thursday. On Monday, Vera started imitating me as I did my yoga. Then this morning she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the center of the living room floor saying “yoga.” So her and I did a little bit of yoga together. Definitely a highlight of my whole week. I hope that someday my kids will become my workout buddies. ❤

Mark had a great week of training for the half marathon, and I finally got his training schedule all mapped out on a Google calendar. The muscle in his forearm seems to be doing better so hopefully he can get back to lifting soon.










Pork chops

BBQ chicken


Homemade pizza

Honey lemon chicken


We had hamburgers with Mark’s parents on Monday. And despite a setback in cooking the burgers, the meal was delicious and we had a good time. I let Eve and Vera each feed themselves a little bowl of ice cream. It was a mess, but they’re getting quite good at eating food with a spoon. Forks are much easier. 🙂

I cook the pork chops the same basic way I cook my chicken parm, minus the cheese and sauce. And I add some mustard to the egg-wash before breading it. 🙂 I trim the pork before cooking it to remove all the fat. Yes, I know some would argue that I removed all the flavor, but I don’t agree. Mark and I both thought the flavor was very good and it is much more enjoyable to eat a piece of pre-trimmed, lean meat.

I cook the chicken sous vide. First, I let the meat sit in a spice rub for a few hours, then I cook it. At the very end, we brush a little BBQ sauce on it and throw it on the grill – or my grill pan – to sear and crystallize the outside. It is my absolute favorite way to eat “grilled” chicken. The meat comes out perfectly tender and juicy.

Instead of eating leftovers on Thursdays, like we normally do, we made the impromptu decision to eat out. Uno’s is close by so we loaded up the girls and headed over there. I still made a fairly healthy choice by ordering the baked haddock with vegetables. Though we did order the soft pretzels as an appetizer. Soft baked pretzels are my weakness. I’m drawn to them like a bug is to light. (And yes, I did check out all the nutrition facts on Uno’s website.)

Eve and Vera happily colored away while we ate our meal. The last time we took them out like that was probably back in January and we did not have a good experience. While we were there this time I looked at Mark and said, “Doesn’t it feel good to be at this stage?” They’re becoming my little big girls.

When we have pizza at home, I make everything – well, I don’t make the cheese or pepperoni, but you know what I mean. I make a thin-crust whole wheat pizza dough and I make the sauce. I entered everything into MyFitnessPal and it spit out the nutritional breakdown of the meal. For the servings, I entered one serving to be the amount I actually eat, which for this pizza, that’s about three slices. It’s not terrible, but it’s a good thing we only eat it once a week.

homemade pizza nutrition facts
Nutritional breakdown of our favorite homemade pizza

Saturday and Sunday didn’t really go as planned. A couple months ago I prepped a few freezer meals so I threw one of those in the Crockpot on Saturday – Honey Lemon Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. It came out OK. Not bad for an easy meal that takes no time. Sunday I resorted to leftovers. There were things to do, our kids were sick, and the routine we normally follow just wasn’t jiving. It did make the day easy.

Last week’s macro breakdown

I don’t have a full week’s stats yet, but here is what the macro breakdown of my food intake for the week looked like. I held nothing  back. I even added the 2/5 of a candy bar I ate to my food diary, so this is pretty darn accurate.

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On we go…

This week should be a little more “normal.” We are getting natural gas hooked up on Wednesday, so there’s that to manage, but otherwise, it’s pretty status quo.

How was your week? Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page to share what worked and what didn’t work.

Talk to you soon!


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