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Food and fitness highlights (Nov 28 – Dec 4)

Yesterday was a big milestone for me. It was the day in my pregnancy with the twins that the girls were born. With seven and a half weeks to go before I reach my due date, I am pleased to say that this little baby seems to be happy to stick tight. I will admit that things are getting more challenging, like bending over, but overall I am ecstatic about how much I can do and how good I feel.

Vera’s “cheese” face

Eve and Vera have officially made the transition to their big girl bed. They now sleep in it all the time. It’s like a switch went off. One day, the fight to get them to stay in bed and settle down just stopped. Oh, they still get silly and will giggle for a long time, sometimes hours after we put them to bed, but they don’t get out of bed or get into anything. So I consider it a success.

We took them to see Santa on Sunday. The fire hall down the road from us had an open house so we popped in to enjoy the festivities. We didn’t even try to have them sit on Santa’s lap because they think he is pretty terrifying. At first, they thought the fire trucks were terrifying too. If I got within a couple feet of one, Eve would cling to me and whine like I was approaching a big, loud animal. Mind you, the truck was parked and silent. Vera warmed up to it after a few minutes and, thankfully, Eve eventually did too.

Eve driving the fire truck

My major win of the week was finding snow pants for the girls. You’d think you could walk into any store and find snow pants that fit two-year-olds, but I tell you, you cannot. Since I strongly dislike shopping to begin with, having to hunt down snow pants was not my idea of a good time. I finally found a couple pairs at a local secondhand store that only sells kid stuff. I could hug whatever moms donated those snow pants. Now we are ready for the snow to fly for real.

As for how we managed our food and workouts, it was a juggling act.









Yoga and kettlebells

3 mile jog outside

Yoga and kettlebells

3 mile walk inside

Yoga and kettlebells


3 mile walk inside

Last week was busy and I often felt tired. There were times I didn’t feel like exercising but I’d tell myself just to do it for a couple minutes to get warmed up and then rest, if that’s what my body needs. Each time, once I started exercising my energy increased and I felt good, so I completed every workout as planned.

screenshot_2016-12-04-19-27-30.pngExcept for Sunday, I got 10,000 steps in each day. Over the summer I thought it was easy to get in 10,000 steps every day. Now it is much more challenging. But moving as much as possible during the day keeps me sane – and healthy – and Eve and Vera still think marching around the house is fun. So it’s working out OK. I’m not sure how long I’ll challenge myself to do this, but it really does make me feel more accomplished and relaxed in the evening when I’ve moved my body enough during the day.

Once again, the week’s schedule made working out a little more challenging for Mark. He ran a couple times during the week and got in a longer run yesterday. Hopefully this week will be a little more conducive to this effort and he’ll be able to do more. On Saturday, he spent the day helping my dad move stuff to their new house (my parents are moving out of town) so I count that as half a workout. 😉










Beef stew

Pot roast


Homemade pizza

Chicken and salad

Pad Thai

The meals I made this week were easy. On Monday I made broccoli meatballs, which we ate over veggie spaghetti. It’s actually one of my favorite meals. On Tuesday I made beef stew and my homemade whole wheat sourdough bread. Also delicious. On Wednesday we went over to my parents for dinner and had a pot roast with all the required veggies. Thursday was leftovers, Friday I made my whole wheat thin crust pizza, Saturday we ate chicken breasts over salad, and Sunday I made Daphne Oz’s version of Pad Thai. To make Sunday easier, I actually made the Pad Thai before we went to church and we just heated it up when we got home from the fire hall. It still was really good. There were zero complaints about any of these meals.

Because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make a nice breakfast before Mark left the house on Saturday morning, I made some Morning Glory Baked Oatmeal on Friday that we just heated up. Mark is not an oatmeal fan but he loves this stuff. It’s easy to modify to make it allergy-friendly, too, if anyone in your family struggles with allergies. I highly recommend it.

I also made black bean brownies. After all, I still like treats too. I just prefer treats that agree with the rest of my lifestyle. 🙂

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Since I’m still tracking everything I eat – and I do mean everything – on MyFitnessPal, I have been able to make better choices between meals and at lunch. I seem to struggle with getting my protein intake up, and I don’t like relying on supplements and packaged protein bars to get what I need. They’re nice in a pinch but I really try to make the bulk of my nutrients come from real food. Some ham and a cheese stick have become a favorite go-to snack lately.

Here is what my macronutrient breakdown for the week looked like:


On we go…

This week I have another doctor’s appointment to check on the baby and some church festivities that we’re planning to be a part of. It will be another busy weekend, it seems.

What do you have planned for the week? Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page to let us know how it goes.

Talk to you soon!


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