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December’s food and fitness highlights

December. It started off with a nice and easy pace, got crazy as we got closer to Christmas, and closed out with a few relaxing days at the end of the month. We squeezed a lot into it, or so it seems. We made a couple trips to the Strong Museum of Play. Got together with family and friends. Hosted some out-of-town friends for a few days. Helped my parents move. Prepared for the arrival of baby #3.

Eve and Vera are putting together sentences more and more and their personalities are really starting to shine. Vera is a champ at going potty and knows her shapes really well (on most days). Eve is my little love bug and a little bit skittish. It doesn’t take much to startle her. Eve has recently started saying that she’s scared of everything. “I’m scared of the bear.” “I’m scared of the noise.” Tonight at dinner I encouraged her to eat some broccoli and she said, “I’m scared of broccoli.” Guess she thinks that’s her ticket out of it. Oh my.

I am pleased to say that I was able to maintain my current level of activity for the entire month. There were a few days where I gave myself a break and didn’t try to workout or take 10,000 steps. After those days, I felt rested and ready to tackle life again. Anxious, really. Being happy with idleness is just not in my DNA. It’s crazy to think that in a month from now, I’ll be learning how to balance all this plus a newborn. I can’t wait to meet my little girl! ❤


Here is what my average week in workouts looked like in December:

Monday: 10 minutes of yoga followed by 15 minutes of kettlebells, followed by 5 minutes of yoga.
Tuesday: 3 mile walk at about a 13-minute mile pace.
Wednesday: Yoga and kettlebells
Thursday: 3 mile walk
Friday: Yoga and kettlebells
Saturday or Sunday: 3 mile walk

Pretty consistent and routine. When I workout with the kettlebells, I do squats, single-leg deadlifts, bent-over rows, and lunges with a hammer curl. The yoga routine I do as a warmup also has me do push-ups, side plank, walking plank, and goddess squats amidst the rest of the flow. As part of my cooldown, I do a yogi squat into crow pose and then various stretching poses. This workout is appropriately challenging during pregnancy but always leaves me feeling better than when I started.

I also start my day with about 10 minutes of yoga, no exceptions. As with my last pregnancy, I sometimes get tight muscles and muscle cramps, especially during the night or when I first wake up. When morning comes around, I need a little yoga to getting me going. And it really works. I credit how well I’ve felt for this whole pregnancy to sticking with my morning yoga and daily workouts, as well as eating healthful foods. Nothing beats feelings good from the inside out.

Mark has also had a good month in workouts. He’s missed a few workouts due to scheduling conflicts – like helping my parents move – and hasn’t lifted in about a month but he has been getting in most of his runs. Today he was happy to do his nine-mile run outside. The temp was mild (about 38), the roads were clear of snow, and the sun was actually shining. A perfect day for a winter run! And much to my extreme joy, he has maintained his weightloss. I’m telling you, Mark is doing awesome! I’m hoping to get him back into lifting a couple days a week starting this month.


As I look back at my meal-planning calendar for December I realize we ate a lot of chicken and roasted vegetables. There are so many ways to cook chicken that it really has become a favorite food of ours (no more bland, dry, tough pieces of bird in this house). Our favorite meals – roasted chicken one night and chicken soup the next – appeared a couple times on the menu. I also tried a new dish when our friends from Colorado were visiting, slow cooker chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. I improvised a little, as usual, but the outcome was fantastic! No one dodged these leftovers.

I successfully made Greek yogurt using my new instant pot. I am very happy with the way it turned out and will use to make our yogurt from now on. I’m excited to start experimenting with more recipes as well, some healthy and not others not so healthy, like this cheesecake. I just ordered my springform pan today so I can make it. It will have to make a debut on my birthday in a couple months, if not before. So good!

My current breakfast of choice is scrambled eggs with oatmeal and a banana. I cook up a bunch of rolled oats on the stove top and eat them for a couple days. With a banana cut up into the oatmeal, no sweetener is necessary. When you combine it all, it’s a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast packed with whole grains and protein. I’m going to start adding PBFit to the oatmeal mix for a little extra protein boost. I’ll update you on how all that turns out next month. I’m really excited about using this combination to make overnight oats. It is probably one I will fall back on regularly once the baby is born.

Here is a rough breakdown of how I balanced my macronutrients in December:

December’s macros

For some healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks follow Fitness Grapevine on Pinterest.

On we go

In January, I’m planning to stick to my December workout routine until the baby is born. Once the baby comes, I’ll work back into some yoga and walking but will dutifully wait to go all out in my workouts until I get clearance from my doctor. My plan for 2017 is to get back to the basics and keep it simple. I’ve got a workout in mind that I’m excited to share with you.

What do you have planned for January? Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page to let us know your goals.

Talk to you soon!


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