How do you really lose weight?

I’m experiencing the kind of summer that makes the best memories. This morning I went on a long walk with a good friend and now, as I type this, I’m sitting on my porch swing watching my twins ride their bikes through the sprinkler and play in the kiddie pool while the baby naps. The giggles, the sunshine, the water. It is the best.

They’re almost 3! I can hardly believe how big they are.

A couple weeks ago we decided to wean Eve and Vera off their naps. They just weren’t tired enough at night. Now they sleep soundly. Like every transition in child-rearing, this one is harder on me than on them. Yes, I have the benefit of two little girls that fall asleep quickly and sleep in a little longer (which means they’re up by 6:45 or so), but I also have lost my afternoons to myself. Not only does it sometimes challenge my patience, it challenges my productivity too. Finding the time to do anything other than care for children, keep up with the house, exercise, and cook meals is nearly impossible.

I tell you this just so you know where I’m coming from when I ask you to bear with me. Fitness Grapevine is still a priority to me and I want to continue to share all that I learn about living a healthy, simple life with you.

Lia is eating solids! We’re determined to get her to sleep through the night.

Speaking of learning, I am a big advocate of life-long learning. The more I learn about the body the more it amazes me, and the more I want to learn. Right now, I am taking a course provided by Duke University on Coursera titled “Introductory Human Physiology.” I’m super excited about what I’m learning and can’t wait to bring it all down to the practical level for you all.

So as I sit on my porch, trying to learn while I look after my littles, I again ask you to bear with me. And while you wait to hear more from me, I invite you to read an article on weight loss. It’s long, but informative and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Click here – Why you shouldn’t exercise to lose weight

If you want the extreme cliff notes version of this article just remember this: What you eat determines your weight, what you do determines your shape.  Yes, that’s overly simplified and there’s a lot more to it than that, but this will at least help you make choices that will keep you on track.

Happy July! We’ll talk again soon.

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