To all my FitGrapes… Thank you!

Hi friends! You probably think I have forgotten all about you but I assure you that I have not. Since the last post I published, little has visibly changed but a lot has been happening in my heart. I’m now in a place where I can pour out my heart to you guys, and while it took time to get here I am grateful for the things I learned along the way.

I love this blog and the voice it has given me. I am passionate about health and believe that nourishing your body is life giving. But it’s more than that. True health comes by also nourishing your soul. In fact, I believe that receiving nourishment in both your body and your soul is necessary. Having one without the other is incomplete

In the past months, I’ve thought over many things and realized that, in some areas, I needed to change my approach to life. I learned that slowing down can ground you and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lazy. I went from worrying about missed workouts to being excited about what rest will do for my body. I started focusing more on my heart. I learned that I wanted to help others experience healing in body and soul instead of focusing on just helping them become more physically fit.

As I contemplated all of this, I realized that I could offer you so much more if I didn’t try to do it all myself. So, I asked my sister, Cassie, to start a new venture with me. Cassie has been blogging over at Far Above Rubies for several years and has her own experiences and strengths that complement mine. Together, we are better than either of us are on our own so we teamed up to launch Bare Feet & Curls (BFC), and I couldn’t be more excited!


And this is where I invite you to continue on with me. While I will no longer be posting on Fitness Grapevine, I will be very active on BFC. Cassie and I will be talking about health, family, faith, and all the crazy little things that fill our days. In this, our only desire is to inspire you to love fiercely and live deeply.

Please hop on over to BFC and check us out! See you there.

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