Meet the Team

Becky – Owner and Fitness Coach

becky and kiddos

Hi there! I have been a fitness enthusiast since I was a youth. It started when I realized that eating the right food and exercising made me feel good, inside and out, and helped me to stop comparing myself to others. It strengthened as I saw people I love suffer from health problems that could be lessened, or even corrected, if they made healthy choices.

So my personal crusade to fight the unhealthy lifestyle began. At first, my tactics were not very well thought out and my efforts made little to no difference. In time I learned that if you don’t come from a place of love, you’ll never make a difference. So I set my heart and mind on helping people get healthy because I love them. Now, I write and run this website as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a coworker, and a friend.

I’m not a fanatic, as some might think. I don’t buy strange foods and I’m not a gym junkie. I enjoy an occasional fried cake or bowl of ice cream and I have a love affair with chai lattes. But, even more, I love climbing mountains, going on ziplines, participating in races, playing with my kids, and being ready to embrace whatever adventure comes next. For as much as it is in my control, I will not allow my health to hold me back from enjoying life.

With this as my motivation, I became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and launched The Fitness Grapevine website. It is my sincere wish that others will join me and help spread the word that good health makes life more simple.