Keeping it simple!

In the health and fitness industry, there is a lot of conflicting information and even more diet pills and “get fit quick” scams. This messaging is bogus and it only harms the people it’s pretending to help. As a result, we get confused. We don’t know which study to listen to or which guidelines will provide the results we want. We don’t know what exercises will make us fit, how to do them without getting hurt, or how long it actually takes to notice a difference. It’s frustrating and discouraging. No wonder so many people give up.

But there is another way! Living a healthy lifestyle is not complicated and it does not have to be a drudgery. In fact, it can be fun and oh so delicious. Listen to the grapevine – The Fitness Grapevine, that is – to get trustworthy information (no industry jargon, no biased reviews) and tips to help you apply that information to your life. The goal is to help you be healthy today so you will be healthy tomorrow.

So let’s get going!

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